Q. So can you explain again how this actually works?

A. Our Courses have been designed to make things easy for both you and your child. Once logged in your child will be taken to their next lesson on their Anytime Learning Path. They attempt the practice questions and check their answers. If they are doing well they move on. If they are getting the answers incorrect then they should watch the video to help understand the concept more clearly. 

These results of each session will be emailed the moment your child hits ‘submit’.



Q. Why is this ‘Flipped Learning’ and not simply a ‘Tutoring’ session?

A. When you get a tutor you ask them to work on specific weaknesses. With Flipped Learning, we attempt to cover as much as your teacher will in the classroom in a much shorter period of time. With our lesson structure you child will reinforce what was being taught in class that day, or walk into class already confident in the topic.


Q. Why does my child find some of the work easy?

A. That’s because Maths is not meant to be hard! If our students struggled every time they did a lesson there is no way they would ever want to do Maths. However, there will be some lessons when they get caught up and forget how to complete a task and it’s nice to know we are there to lend a helping hand.


Q. How does the 30 minutes a week work?

A. This is used as a guideline for parents and students. The courses have been designed for students to complete 3 x 10 minute sessions per week. This is usually completed in one session, but could be spread over three days. 

Some lessons your child won’t need the video and will get through the video in less than 5 minutes. Great! Other times they will get stuck and will have to watch the video and spend more time on the task. They may even ask for your help, but with the video lesson there to help you, you won’t be alone!


Q. What does the map of Australia mean?

A. The map of Australia highlights our Anytime Learning Path. Your child only has to complete 3 sessions per week to move to the next city. By the time a student moves from Sydney to Hobart, they will have covered 30 lessons!


Q. I don’t have PayPal and would prefer to use my credit card or bank transfer.

A. As our courses are setup as a recurring payment, PayPal is the easiest way to achieve this. If you would still prefer to arrange a monthly direct debit please contact us at: info@anytimemaths.com


Q. If I did go with PayPal, how can I cancel my subscription?

A. This is very easy. You can either delete your subscription from your setting page or you could also email us and we can cancel the payments for you or suspend your account if you wanted to take a break for a while!


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